Thursday, October 30, 2008

First Post

OK, no need to adjust your screens, what you see is true - I’ve decided to start writing a blog.

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while now and I’ve decided to finally go ahead with it. I’m quite surprised by my own actions for two reasons: 1. I doubt many people will read this and 2. I doubt I’ll be motivated enough to write with decent frequency.

I know that’s probably not the best advertisement to have in my first post but it is the truth. We shall see how things turn out. I plan to write about things that people will hopefully find interesting and you can let me know whether I’m doing so or not by leaving comments. I appreciate both negative and positive feedback.

The name for this blog came from a conversation I had during a nomikai with Japanese friends. My friends work in television and had produced a work some time ago, which they called "Global Mobile Report". The "Report" would feature short documentaries about different cultures in different countries. They suggested that my blog should be a similar style of report on Japan. One of them said I should call it, "Deepu Japan Repohto", to transcribe it as he said it to me. It sounded like a ridiculous title but it made me laugh and I decided to stick with it.

My friends think that my viewpoints on Japanese culture will be interesting but the problem is that in order to appeal to them, I will have to write in Japanese, and in order to keep my friends and family updated, it would be better if I write in English. I suspect my native tongue will win out the majority of the time but you may see a sprinkling of posts in Japanese. Do not be afraid.

Hope you enjoy it.